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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Immunotherapy of epithelial skin tumors

Marshani Z.B., Svechnikova E.V.

Federal state budgetary institution "Polyclinic 1" of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Epithelial neoplasms of the skin comprise more than 60% of all tumors. Nowadays there is a tendency for the increase of the incidence of both benign and malignant epithelial skin tumors all over the world, and in Russia epithelial cancers account for 14.6% of the female population and 10.0% of the male population in the structure of morbidity. In this regard, the issue of treatment of these tumors is relevant and requires the use of modern effective methods of therapy. The article is a review which highlights the data on the use of interferon preparations and their inductors in the treatment of epithelial neoplasms of the skin.


Epithelial skin tumors, immunotherapy, interferon, interferon inducers, imiquimod

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Marshani Z.B., Svechnikova E.V. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2020; 1:12-26. DOI: 10.14427/jipai.2020.1.12