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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Combined hypersensitivity model in psoriasis and allergic diseases

Terechenko G.P., Levkova E.A.

RUDN University, Moscow

The article presents prospective data of studies involving patients with psoriasis and allergic (atopic) diseases and combined types of immunopathology (I and IV reaction types according to the classification of Jell P., Coombs R., 1969). A combination of both types of immune pathology in one patient is demonstrated, this comorbidity leading to a clinical inversion of symptoms, such as itching, characteristic of both psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. These clinical studies imply possibility of changes in both the diagnostic and treatment standards in patients with combined forms of immunopathology.


Psoriasis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema, classification of types of immunopathology, model of hypersensitivity.

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Terechenko G.P., Levkova E.A. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2022; 4:16-21. DOI: 10.14427/jipai.2022.4.16