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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2017 1 neuroimmunology
Moseikin I.A., Levashova A.I., MyagkovaM.A.
Neuromimunnological mechanisms of pain syndrome development. Fulltext in PDF
2017 1 Immunomodulators
Pletnev V.V., Pinegin B.V.
Studying the spectrum of immunotropic action of Pletnev drops No 60 (Phospholiten). Fulltext in PDF
Shulginova A.A., Bystrova H.A., Karaulov A.B.
Immunomodulators and antioxidants in correction of immune and oxidatic disturbances at the chronic ischemia of the brain. Fulltext in PDF
Titova N.D., Novikova V.I.
Immunocorrecting effect of glucosamine-muramylpeptide in cases of bronchial asthma in children. Fulltext in PDF
2017 1 Autoimmunity diseases
Podolinskaya N.A., Vykhrystsenka L.R.
Role of intestinal microflora in the regulation of immune response in rheumatoid arthritis. Fulltext in PDF
Novikov K.A., Tamrazova O.B., Bagramova G.E.
Usage of immunomodulatory properties of the excimer laser 308nm in therapy of alopecia areata. Fulltext in PDF
Asiryan E.G., Titova N.D.
Characteristics of the eosinophilic fenotype of bronchial asthma in children. Fulltext in PDF
Aliakhnovich N.S.
Titanium dioxide stimulates phagocytic activity of blood neutrophils. Fulltext in PDF
Karpuk I.Y., Novikov D.K.
Determination of basophil activation and IgE antibodies to the components of dental materials in cases of intolerance to dental prosthetics. Fulltext in PDF
2017 1 innate immunity
Kologrivova E.N., Pleshko R.I., SherbikN.V., Starocha A.V., Ovchinnikova A.I.
The functional status of neutrophils in children with morbidity of chronic adenoiditis. Fulltext in PDF