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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2020 2 Immune Deficiency
Povorova O.V., Titova N.D., Livinskaya V.A., Vishnyakov M.N.
Variants of dysimmunoglobulinemia in children with frequent respiratory infections. Fulltext in PDF
Maltsev D.V.
The effectiveness of cryopreserved human plasma replacement therapy in patients with primary mannose-binding lectin deficiency suffering from chronic active herpes virus infection. Fulltext in PDF
2020 2 Stem cells
Rynda E.G., Antonevich N.G., Goncharov .E.
Acquisition and medical application of pooled mesenchimal stem cells. Fulltext in PDF
Mineev V.N.
Ectopic photoreceptors in bronchial asthma: possible pathogenetic role. Fulltext in PDF
Matsko E.F.
Oral fluid peroxidase activity increase responsive to apple juice in patients with positive prik-prick test. Fulltext in PDF
Shchurok I.N.
Main fenotypes and biomarkers of asthma. Fulltext in PDF
Khodkova Y.V., Yanchenko V.V.
The effect of lidocaine on gene function and the possibility of side effects. Fulltext in PDF
Matsko E.F., Novikov D.K., Fadeeev V.I.
Changes in the potassium, ammonium and calcium cation levels in the oral fluid after a low-dose oral pharyngeal provocative test in patients with apple allergy. Fulltext in PDF
Zhuravleva L.N., Novikova V.I.
Diagnostic and prognostic value of the presepsin level in inflammatory infectious diseases in preterm newborns. Fulltext in PDF
Vorontsova I.M.
COVID-19 and complement system: a window of opportunities. Fulltext in PDF