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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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Zhavoronok S.V., GutmaneV.R., ZnovetzT.V., Yurkevich I.V., KarpovI.A., Mitsura V.M., VoropaevE.V., SoldatenkoO.V. , Baryash T.M., AniskoL.A., RogachevaT.A., SivachenkoL.V., Zhmurovskaya L.S., Velgin S.O., Yurovsky N.N.
Antiviral therapy of chronic viral hepatitis C. Fulltext in PDF
Znovets T.V., Baranovskaya E.I., Zhavoronok S.V., Anisko L.A., Goshkevich E.A., Shiptenko I.L.
Viral hepatitis C, first detected in pregnancy. Fulltext in PDF
Albanova V.I.
Malassezia species: the underrated resident of human skin. Fulltext in PDF
Aripova M.L., Zima A.P., Vasileva O.A., Khardikova S.A.
Role of galectin 3 and IL-6 in immunological response of rosacea patients. Fulltext in PDF
Sokolova T.V. , Montes Rsel K.V. , Malyarchuk A.P. Saverskaja E.N.
Dermatophytosis of the feet two sides of one problem. Fulltext in PDF
Saveleva N.N.
The phagocytic activity of blood neutrophils in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis of I-II severity level on the background of parasitosis. Fulltext in PDF
Sergeev V.Y., Sergeev Y.Y.
Diagnosing onychomycosis with dermoscopy and the strategy of early intervention. Fulltext in PDF
2017 2 transplantation immunity
Zybleva S., Zyblev S., Novikov P., Svistunova E., Shitikova M.
Immunological pecularities of recipients of renal transplant. Fulltext in PDF
Tyulganova D.A., Nasaev S.S., TiterinaE.K., RodionovaM.A., ChugreevI.A.
New concept about mechanisms of the germination of drug hypersensitivity.
Asiryan E.G., Novikov P.D.
Changes in the immune status in children with atopic asthma after ultrasound therapy. Fulltext in PDF