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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2022 1 Immunooncology
Stegantseva M.V., Shinkevich V.A., Tumar E.M., Vashkevich E.P., Meleshko A.N.
Selection of the most immunogenic antigen for DNA vaccination against neuroblastoma. Fulltext in PDF
2022 1 Immunopharmacology
Skryabina A.A., Nikiforov V.V., Shakhmardanov M.Z., Zastrozhin M.S., Sychev D.A.
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of macrolides (literature review). Fulltext in PDF
2022 1 Infectology
Okulich V.K., Pinchuk A.N., Shilin V.E., Kolchanova N.E., Matusevich E.A., Lepteeva T.N., Korzhova A.A.
ID-STREP AB-STR diagnostic kits for diagnosing streptococcus infections and determination of antibiotic resistance including propensity to biofilm formation. Fulltext in PDF
Samoilova A.A., Kraeva L.A., Likhachev I.V., Rogacheva E.V., Mikhailov N.V., Egorova S.A., Shiling E.A.
Phenotypical and genotypical assessment of resistance of carbapenemase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strains. Fulltext in PDF
Tsrkunova Zh.F., Emelyanova .., Gudkova E.I., Skorokhod G.A., Gavrilova I.A., Butkevich V.V., Dolgina Yu.N., Vashkevich M.P., Shepelevich N.A.
Analysis of the resistance of clinical isolates of Escherichia coli to antimicrobial agents in single-centre study. Fulltext in PDF
2022 1 Autoimmune diseases
Piven N.P., Piven E.A.
Modern approaches to understanding immunopathogenesis of scleroderma (review). Fulltext in PDF
2022 1 Mycology
Pchelin I.M., Sergeev A.Y.
On the taxonomy of dermatophytes belonging to the Trichophyton mentagrophytes species complex. Fulltext in PDF
Ovchinnikov R.S., Bratchikova E.A., Gareeva N.A., Gaynullina A.G., Savinov V.A., Said-Uelina L.A., Cherednikova A.B., Guryanova E.Y., Kapustin A.V.
Trial of the differential diagnostic media DTM-Expert for the diagnosis of dermatophytosis in the dermatovenerological dispensaries. Fulltext in PDF
Polovets N.V., Surkova R.S., Shergina .., Lipnitski .V., Sharov .N., Murugova ..
Screening of opportunistic fungi in soil samples of different territories of Vietnam. Fulltext in PDF
2022 1 Dermatovenerology
Serdyukova E.A., Shchava S.N.
Features of the clinic and course of cutaneous and sexually transmitted diseases in HIV infected patients from the Volgograd region of Russia. Fulltext in PDF