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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2011 4 immunocorrection
Shatohin M.N., Konoplja A.I., Teodorovich O.V., Krasnov A.V., Mavrin M.Ju.
Correction of immune and metabolic disorders in chronic prostatitis. Fulltext in PDF
2011 4 Immunomodulators
Volkova M.N., Yanchanka U.V., Chotetovskaya J.V.
Influence of Leuargunal on immune status and clinical periodontal parameters of the patients with chronic periodontitis. Fulltext in PDF
Molotilov B.A.,Orlova E.A.,Boltz E.A.,Alyoshkin V.A.,Lyutov A.G., Novikova L.I.
Newaspects in diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune urticaria. Fulltext in PDF
Akhmaltdinova L.L Starikova S.Y.
Clinical epidemiology of drug allergy. Fulltext in PDF
Arzumanian V.G., Baeva O.A., Serdyuk O.A., Magarshak O.O., Krasnoproshina L.I.
Role of Rhodotorula yeast in humoral immume response in patient with atopic dermatitis. Fulltext in PDF
Sobolenko T.M., Vykhristenko L.R., Zakharova O.V., Novikov D.K.
Lyells syndrome induced by carbamazepine, complicated by sepsis and arthritis. Fulltext in PDF
Titova N.D.
Allergy, atopy, IgE-antibodies and the concept of allergy network. Fulltext in PDF
Ilyinskikh E.N., Semenov A.G., Ilyinskikh I.N., Cherednikova E.A.
Proliferative and cytokine responses of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in Lyme-borreliosis patients. Fulltext in PDF
Sharyakov D.E., Semenov V.M.
The role of VCAM-1 adhesion molecula in community acquired pneumonias. Fulltext in PDF
Gromova N.I.
Efficacy of short-term antiviral combination treatment in chronic hepatitis C. Fulltext in PDF