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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2016 2 Immunoneurology
Mamytova E.M.
The dynamics of T-cell immunity in patients with TBI after neuroprotective therapy. Fulltext in PDF
Markelova E.V., Zdor V.V., RomanchukA.L., Birko O.N.
Matrix metalloproteinases: relationship with cytokines system, diagnostic and prognostic potential. Fulltext in PDF
Malysheva I.E., Topchieva L.V., Tikhonovich E.L., Barysheva O.Y., Volkova T.O.
Analysis of association of polymorphism -238G>A TNF gene with the pulmonary sarcoidosis in the Republic of Karelia of the russian population. Fulltext in PDF
Aliakhnovich N.S., Janchenko V.V., Martinovich V.P., Golubovich V.P.
Detection of IgE-positive leukocytes by synthetic peptide and monoclonal antibodies. Fulltext in PDF
Macharadze D.Sh.
Clinic of food allergy in children and adults. Fulltext in PDF
Mineev V.N., Vasilyeva T.S., Kuzmina A.A., Lalaeva T.M.
Bronchial asthma and chronic kidney disease: possible pathogenetic role of inflammatory cytokines. Fulltext in PDF
Romanova M.A., Dairov A.K., Seidakhmetova R.B., Shnaukshta V.S., Adekenov S.M.
Study of allergenic and locally irritant action of preparation Eferol, spray. Fulltext in PDF
Semenov D.M.
Immunopathogenetic changes at the women infected of the human papilloma virus. Fulltext in PDF
Stepanova N.A., Galimzyanov Kh.M., Kantemirova B.I.
Generation TNF-α, IL-1β in newly diagnosed patients with different clinical forms of pulmonary tuberculosis in the Astrakhan Region. Fulltext in PDF
Sergeev A.Y., Burtseva G.N., Sergeev V.Y.
Onychomycosis: local pharmacokinetics and the future of topical antifungals. Fulltext in PDF