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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2008 1 Immunocorrection
Suleymanov S.F.
The abnormality of the immune status at patients of the pancreatitis and its correction with immunomodulin. Fulltext in PDF
2008 1 Immunodiagnostics
Buracovsky A.I.
Immunobiosensitive analysis: the principles and possibilities of practical use. Fulltext in PDF
2008 1 Clinical immunopathology
Zudairova G.Sh., Bulgakova A.I., Medvedev Ju.A., Valeev I.V.
Humoral factors of immunity in oral cavity of chronic parîdontitis pathients with
presence of accompanying somatic illness.
Fulltext in PDF
2008 1 Antiviral immunity
Yupatau H.J.
Lipid transport system, morbidity due to acute respiratory diseases and anti-viral
Fulltext in PDF
2008 1 Immunomodulators
Arion V.Ya., Zimina I.V., Moskvina S.N.
Immunobiology and clinical application of thymosins and other thymic preparations. Fulltext in PDF
2008 1 Immunodermatology
Belova O.V., Arion V.Y., Sergienko V.I.
Role of cytokines in immunological function of the skin. Fulltext in PDF