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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2013 4 Immunodiagnostics
Piven N.V., Burakovski A.I., Tsishkevich M.N., Karpenka T.A., Yastrebova H.A.
Immunochemical epidermal growth factor detection in oncopathology. Fulltext in PDF
Urazova O.I., Esimova I.E., Khasanova R.R., Novitsky V.V., Churina E.G.
Expression of molecules of intercellular interaction on dendritic cells and T-lymphocytes in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Fulltext in PDF
Revyakina V.A., Sentsova T.B., Monosova O.Yu., Kuvshinova E.D., Berezina E.Yu., Timofeeva ..
Food allergy and atopic dermatitis in children. Is there any correlation?. Fulltext in PDF
Ryabin N.S., Druzhinina T.A., Levashova O.A., Ivacheva N.A.
Evaluation of acute pancreatitis depending on the level of IgE. Fulltext in PDF
Bokov D.O., Smirnov V.V.
Improvement of methods for allergen extracts standardization: from PNU to LC-MS. Fulltext in PDF
Gizinger O.A., Letyaeva O.I., Dolgushin I.I., Ziganshin O.R.
Improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to candidiasis and mycoplasmosis of the female genital tract. Fulltext in PDF
Solovyev A.M., Perlamutrov Yu.N., Korsunskaya I.M.
State of the immune system of patients with recurrent urogenital infections. Fulltext in PDF
2013 4 Immune status
Mamytova E.M.
Peculiarities of immunological status in acute period of traumatic brain injury. Fulltext in PDF
Dikinov Z.H., Abidov M.T.
Dynamics of the cellular immunity parameters in post-traumatic uveitis. Fulltext in PDF
2013 4 immunodeficites
Sharapova S.O., Paschenko O.E., Guryanova I.E., Migas A.A., Kondratenko I.V., Belevtsev M.V.
Comparative phenotypic analysis of T- and B-lymphocytes in patients with autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. Fulltext in PDF