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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2014 3 Immunomodulators
Frolov A.K., Litvinenko R.A.
Reaction of patients lymphocytes blast-transformation in blood, stimulated by plant mitogens and annelid antigens at hirudotherapy. Fulltext in PDF
Kildjushevskij A.V., Karaulov A.V., Molochkova Yu.V.
Clinical and immunological efficiency of extracorporeal photochemotherapy in lichen planus. Fulltext in PDF
Vykhristsenk L.R.
Intradermal allergen immunotherapy in atopic bronchial asthma. Fulltext in PDF
Siamionava I.V., Vykhrystenka L.R., Novikau D.K., Yanchnk U.V., Smirnova A.U.
Clinical and immunological efficacy of allergen-specific immunotherapy and autoserogistaminotherapy at pollinoses and pollen asthma. Fulltext in PDF
Siamionava I.V.
Economic evaluation of autoserogistaminotherapia in the treatment of hay fever. Fulltext in PDF
Grigorieva I.N., Manina I.V., Golubtzova N.V., Sergeev A. Yu.
Evaluation of nasal immunoglobulin E levels as a diagnostic tool in atopic diseases. Fulltext in PDF
Ilina N.G., Sergeeva I.G., Krinitsyna Yu.M., Denisov M.Yu.
Age dynamic of specific sensitization in patienst with atopic dermatitis. Fulltext in PDF
Karpuk I.Yu.
Interrelation of changes of levels matriksny metalproteinases - 8 and - 9 with the allergy to dentoprosthetic materials. Fulltext in PDF
Dikinov Z.H., Bashtanenko A.F., Shkalev M.V.
Pathogenetic therapy of infectious complications of penetrating eye injury. Fulltext in PDF
2014 3 innate immunity
Myagkova M.A., Morozova V.S.
Natural antibodies and their physiolodical fanctions. Fulltext in PDF