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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2016 3 immunopathology of reproduction
Dziadzichkina V.V., Radeckaya L.E.
Influence of progesterone on functional activity of neutrophils in threatening preterm labor. Fulltext in PDF
2016 3 immunoprophylaxis
Zemskov A.M., Zemskov B.M., PopovV.I., Zemskova V.A., MelikhovaE.P.
The optimization of immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy of infections. Fulltext in PDF
Karpuk I.U., Novikov D.K.
Detection of allergy and hypersensitivity to metal salts by measurement of potassium ions level in the oral fluid. Fulltext in PDF
Aliakhnovich N.S.
Food dyes effect on the blood cells cytokine secretion in allergic patients. Fulltext in PDF
Mineev V.N., Vasilyeva T.S., NesterovichI.I.
Glomerular filtration rate, readiness to apoptosis and late apoptosis of peripheral blood lymphocytes in different variants of bronchial asthma. Fulltext in PDF
Semenova I.V., Smirnova A.U., Novikov D.K.
naphylaxis specific and nonspecific hypersensitivity. Fulltext in PDF
Gadzhimuradov M.N.
Actinomycosis of the skin. Fulltext in PDF
Baybulova A.K., Bychkov V.G., KulikovaS.V., Lazarev S.D., UruzbaevR.M., Korsun V.F.
Studying of sausalin and cynaropicrin in experimental opisthorchosis. Fulltext in PDF
Bondarenko N.L., Afanasiev S.S., Alyoshkin V.A., Voropaeva E.A., Bairakova A.L., Afanasiev M.S., Nesvizhsky Y.V., Egorova E.A., Metelskaya V.A., Alyoshkin A.V., Grechishnikova O.G., Rubalskii E.O., Urban Y.N., Voropaev A.D., StepanovA.V., Evsegneeva I.V., KaraulovA.V.
Estimation of the human health condition when prognosing infectious inflammatory disease clinical course. Fulltext in PDF
2016 3 immunohistochemistry
Krylov A.Y., Krylov Y.V., YanchankaU.V.
Expression of androgen receptor and C-Kit (CD117) in triple negative breast cancer. Fulltext in PDF