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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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Karpuk I. Yu., Fadeev V.I.
Release of metal ions from dental alloys and their effect on the metabolic and killing
activity of leukocytes.
Fulltext in PDF
Karpuk I. Yu.
Allocation of a tryptase in stomatic liquid and activation of basophiles at an intolerance of stomatologic materials. Fulltext in PDF
Chakova N.N., Volovik N.O., NiyazovaS.S., Bialiayeva L.M., Mikulchyk N.N., Buza D.V., MytkoYu.A.
The role of Adrb2 gene polymorphisms Arg16Gly and Gln27Glu in the pathogenesis of atopic diseases in children from Belarus. Fulltext in PDF
Mineev V.N., Trofimov V.I., SorokinaL.N., Nyoma M.A., KuzikovaA.A.
Blood serum bitter taste receptors and total IgE in allergic bronchial asthma in women. Fulltext in PDF
2017 3 Immunooncology
Zherulik S.V., Lud N.G., Generalov S.I., Orlova E.G., Generalov I.I.
Enzymatic activity of blood serum, abzyme activity of IgG and IgA, free serum DNA and the formation of extracellular traps by neutrophils in patients with breast neoplasms. Fulltext in PDF
ondarenco N.L., Afanasiev S.S., Aleshkin V.A., Agayeva M., VoropaevaE.A., SavchenkoT.N., Afanasiev M.S., Nesvizhsky Y.V., Aleshkin A.V., Borisova O.Y., PylevL.A., Urban Y.N., BochkaryovaS.S., ZatevalovA.M., Voropaev A.D., TolstovaE.S., Karaulov A.V.
Characteristics of TLR reactions to the urogenital infectionspathogens in pregnancy. Fulltext in PDF
Lukhverchyk L.N., Alatortseva G.I., Nesterenko L.N., Mikhailov M.I., Kyuregyan K.K., Gukina M.V., OksanichA.S., Nurmatov Z.Sh., NurmatovA.Z., Baiyzbekova Zh.., Kasymov .., Maksytov S.T., ZverevV.V.
Investigations of hepatitis E virus seroprevalence and its role in the acute viral hepatitis etiology on the Kyrgyzstan territory. Fulltext in PDF
2017 3 Immunodermatology
Drozhdina M.B., Koshkin S.V.
A modern view of the clinic, diagnosis and treatment of pemphigus vulgaris. Fulltext in PDF
Ryabova V.V., Koshkin S.V., ZaitsevaG.., Evseeva A.L.
Character of distribution of immunological indicators in patients with average and severe forms of acne. Fulltext in PDF
2017 3 Hypersensitivity
Ishchenko A.U., Sukalo A.V., NovikovD.K., Titova N.D.
Specific and nonspecific neutrophil hypersensitivity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Fulltext in PDF