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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2012 1 Immune status
Zybleva S.V., Novikov P.D.
The immune status of children with relapsing diseases of the otorhinolaringological organs. Fulltext in PDF
2012 1 abzymes
Volkova M.V., Kunder E.V., Generalov I.I.
Nuclease polyclonal IgG activity in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis. Fulltext in PDF
2012 1 innate immunity
Lebedeva O.P., Pakhomov S.P., Karpov P.A., Churnosov M.I., Kalutsky P.V., Popov V.N.
Significance of the innate immunity Toll-like receptors in development of obstetric and gynecological disorders. Fulltext in PDF
Lakhtin M.V., Karaulov A.V., Lakhtin V.M., Alyoshkin V.A., Afanasyev S.S., Nesvizskyi U.V., Afanasyev M.S., Vorapaeva E.A., Alyoshkin A.V.
Lectin glycoconjugate systems in human organism. Fulltext in PDF
Gromova N.I.
Role of chronic viral hepatitis in development of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Fulltext in PDF
Konorev M.R.
Reception of immunopotentiator licopid at carrying out antihelicobacter therapy of the first choice. Fulltext in PDF
Sirotkina E.I., Besedin A.V., Kalutsky P.V., Silina L.V.
Dependence of immunological efficiency of complex therapy of patients with chronic pyoinflammatory skin diseases on geomagnetic field intensity. Fulltext in PDF
Kharseeva G.G., Voronina N.A., Alutina E.L., Mironov A.J., Mamucheva N.I., Golovanova N.A.
The role of Corynebacterium non diphtheriae in induced apoptosis of mice macrophages. Fulltext in PDF
Sergeeva I.V., Tihonova E.P., Kamzalakova N.I., Bulygin G.V.
Features of metabolic processes in lymphocytes at sharp respiratory virus infections. Fulltext in PDF
Sharyakov D.E., Semenov V.M. Skvortsova V.V.
Clinical features of influenza associated pneumonia. Fulltext in PDF